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What To Do When a Tooth Breaks?

Teeth represent calcified organs, which have extremely many functions in the body. They are taken as the initial organs of the digestive system.  Ie the digestive system, and are implanted in the extensions of the upper and lower jaws. When they are born, people first grow milk teeth. People have 20 deciduous teeth.

Tooth anatomy

Before we get into the topic related to tooth fracture. We should briefly find out what the tooth actually does and what its structure is. In the shortest lines, the tooth consists of the three most basic parts. Which are the root of the tooth, the neck of the tooth and the crown.

A crown or crown can sometimes be denoted by two terms. These are the anatomical crown and the clinical crown. When we talk about the anatomical crown, it is the part of the tooth that covers the enamel. Part of the anatomical crown is hidden behind the gums. Therefore, the term clinical crown refers to the visible part of the tooth. It sometimes coincides with the anatomical crown, and sometimes the two surfaces differ.

The neck of the tooth is a narrowing that is located between the enamel and the so-called cementum. It is a part between the tooth and the mucous membrane and it is also a narrowed part of the tooth.

Tooth Breaks

The root of the tooth is the part that connects the tooth to the pit or alveolus in which it is located. The size of the root varies, and it also differs depending on which tooth is attached to the jaw. There are single-rooted, double-rooted and three-rooted teeth.

How does a tooth fracture occur?

The causes of tooth breakage can be varied and numerous. From the most harmless sports injuries, to a fracture caused by malfunctions. A tooth fracture should be distinguished from small cracks, such as can occur on a strong outer coating of the tooth. Such cracks do not cause pain and it is very certain that they will not require any treatment. However, if you notice them, we advise you to consult a dentist to make sure they are harmless.

Impact cracks are a very common way to break a tooth. If it is a truncated tooth, it will not cause great pain, but it should be repaired as soon as possible with a filling or some kind of crown augmentation. This will prevent decay or further decay of the teeth. It can happen that the tooth breaks horizontally along the gums and that already requires an intervention that is urgent. If there is a vertical fracture of the tooth, things get even more complicated because the crack spreads towards the root.

Therefore, you should visit the dentist immediately, so that things are largely repaired. Dentists will assess what type of intervention you are in, and will determine the measure based on that. Therapy or surgery. Either way, there is no reason to worry. Everything will be fine.

What is done when a tooth breaks?

To determine the cause of a tooth breakage, it may first be best to know if the tooth was previously affected by caries, diseased or healthy. The dentist will certainly see that for himself, but it is certainly not bad to mention it to him. There are several ways to approach this when it comes to a broken tooth. Treatment depends on the size of the crack, but also on the location of the crack. In addition, the symptoms that you feel, but also the question of whether the crack spreads to the right line are signs of how to react. The dentist, therefore, may recommend one of the following interventions.

Tooth Breaks

Filling is one of the processes that the doctor will surely undertake, using a filling that will fill the crack. Cracks that are smaller and do not affect the essential parts of the tooth, will return to their shape in this way, and the dentist will model the tooth inside the lips.

Crowns – A dental crown is a prosthetic accessory made of porcelain or ceramic. In this way, the damaged tooth is closed, and the crown looks almost the same as a real tooth. In order to place the crown, it is necessary for the dentist to prepare the stump. Truth be told, the tooth has a special shine, so it can happen that, with careful observation, the difference between the crown and the tooth is noticed. Good dentists do everything to achieve a natural look. With proper care, a tooth can last a lifetime.

Tooth Breaks

Tooth extraction – is the last step that is resorted to only when any of the previous steps are tried. No good dentist will extract a tooth before they do their best to save it. However, you do not have to despair even when it is necessary to extract a tooth. Namely, today, dentistry is so advanced that it is very likely that you will be able to replace a missing tooth with the help of an implant. If the bone in the upper jaw has shrunk to such an extent, it can be compensated by installing a so-called sinus lift.

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