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4 Types of Food Healthy for Your Teeth

“Don’t eat sweets, your teeth will rot!” You must have heard that sentence when you were children, and you probably say it to your own children. You’re right, sweets really spoil your teeth if your teeth aren’t brushed thoroughly after consuming them. However, there are foods that are even more harmful to teeth than sweets and whose consumption carries a higher risk of tooth decay. This is a food rich in starch, like figs that children adore. Bread and cereals are equally detrimental to dental health. Starchy foods stick to the teeth and stay longer in the oral cavity, creating a favourable ground for bacteria to multiply and, ultimately, to develop caries.

Green tea

Regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of caries, gum disease and bad breath. Great news for all those who start their day with a cup of tea instead of coffee. The ingredient catechin found in green tea prevents bacteria from multiplying in the mouth.

Food Healthy

In addition to dental health, green tea will also have a beneficial effect on the health of the cardiovascular system, increase immunity and help you lose weight. Because it contains caffeine that is retained in breast milk, it should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t use it for dental health. It is enough to gargle it in your mouth for a minute several times a day.

Cheese and other dairy products

Hard cheeses may be reprimanded for being high in fat, so they should be consumed in moderation. However, when it comes to teeth, we have no complaints. For teeth, cheese is one of the greatest guardians.

It reduces the acidity in the mouth and neutralizes the destructive action of bacteria, and also reduces the number of bacteria responsible for bad breath. In addition, cheese is rich in calcium, which preserves the health of teeth. For the best effect on oral health, cheese and dairy products should be consumed immediately after meals.

Hard vegetables

It’s hard to chew fresh carrots, isn’t it? The same goes for fresh cucumber, celery or apple. It requires extra effort of the jaw and muscles that are responsible for chewing food, but also has a beneficial effect on the health of your teeth.

Such foods act as natural cleansers of residual food buildup on the teeth. This is especially true of celery, which effectively neutralizes bacteria in the mouth, cleans the space between the teeth and refreshes the breath. Every effort you put into chewing some of these healthy foods will pay off many times over.


Parsley compress to relieve gingivitis, laurel for teeth whitening and removal of dark stains, chamomile for rinsing after tooth extraction… Just well-meaning advice from our grandmothers or much more? Natural medicine will not help you with more serious dental problems, then you should definitely visit the dentist and follow his instructions.

Food Healthy

However, medicinal plants have long been in the service of health and, if used properly, can have a beneficial effect on the health of the whole organism, including teeth. Cinnamon and mint refresh the breath and remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Aloe vera and sage reduce inflammation of the gums, and sesame seeds remove plaque and help build tooth enamel.

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