Dr. David Carroll is excited to be the first dentist in Florida to be certified in the Bioclear Method. 

Dr. Carroll has completed advanced training in the Bioclear Method and is a Bioclear Key Opinion Leader and Bioclear Instructor.

What is Bioclear?

Bioclear is a conservative alternative to traditional porcelain restorations.  It can be used to correct dark spaces between teeth, worn teeth, or teeth with cavities both large and small.  It can be used to place long lasting sealants to protect teeth.  It can be used to reshape teeth and change the color of teeth and even to avoid the need for conventional crowns in many cases.

How does it work?

For many years dentists have been taught to repair or reshape teeth with composite resin by taking pieces of room temperature material and pushing it on or into teeth with various instruments.  Piece by piece is typically set with a powerful light source which hardens the material.

With Bioclear the process is changed dramatically.  The tooth is first cleaned to be plaque free with a device called the Bioblaster.  Then the tooth is properly isolated and an appropriate Bioclear matrices is selected and stabilized to provide the desired mold or shape.  Heated composite resin is then injected into this matrices and light cured in one solid mass.  Shaping, finishing and polishing are done to produce a beautiful and durable restoration.

“I am so excited to bring this technique to South Florida and have the opportunity to teach this technique to my colleagues,” said Dr. David Carroll,  “ It is truly a revolutionary development for the dentists who choose to embrace it.  I look forward to driving to work in the morning, because I get to practice Bioclear Method every day.”

Is Bioclear right for you?

Bioclear can transform your smile or quickly repair unhealthy teeth and give you the healthy, confident smile you deserve.  Best of all, Bioclear is minimally invasive and more cost effective than many conventional treatments.  To find out more about this exciting technique call our office today.