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What Is a Gummy Smile And How To Solve It?

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Beautifully shaped white teeth are the key to an attractive smile. However, the rules of cosmetic dentistry tell us that the eye is attracted to the white teeth and pink gums. When the gums are extremely visible we talk about a gummy smile. The causes of excessively visible gums can be varied.


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Disorder Of Normal Tooth Growth

So, there are different ways to correct it. One of the most common causes of excessively visible gums that we deal with in our Carroll Dentistry is a consequence in the disorder of normal tooth growth. For this reason, with highly visible gums and tooth crowns, they act very little and short.

Sometimes the height of the gums is uneven above the individual teeth. And they can even vary between the right and left side of the jaw. While on the right side these changes do not occur due to less pressure. The surgical procedure of removing excess gums or equalizing its height achieves an aesthetically much more attractive smile. with larger, more visible tooth crowns and a harmonious flow of gums.


A surgical procedure that removes excess gums is called a gingivectomy. It is performed under local anaesthesia and is completely painless. For minor corrections, only the gums are removed and its harmonious appearance is shaped. The results are noticeable immediately after the procedure, and the gums heal extremely quickly.


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In order to lengthen the crown of the tooth and make the tooth bigger, sometimes it is necessary to remove a little bone around the tooth.


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This specific aesthetic procedure is closely dealt with in the field of dentistry called periodontology Gingivectomy is a surgical procedure that makes a big, immediately noticeable difference in achieving a harmonious appearance of the gums and large, visible crowns of the teeth.

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