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Taking Care of Your Teeth

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Lifelong care is needed to achieve healthy teeth. Without giving up and without negligence, we must think about their health all the time. Even if they tell you that you have beautiful smile, it is crucial to take the right steps every day to take care of them and prevent problems. This includes buying the right oral care products as well as taking care of your daily habits. We need to be very careful about what we take into the body and how it all affects the health of our teeth and gums.

Don’t go to bed without brushing your teeth

It’s no secret that the general recommendation is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, many of us still neglect brushing our teeth at night. If we forget about this very important part, we can permanently damage our teeth and gums because we will accumulate plaque and bacteria that can permanently damage our beautiful smile. But brushing before bed gets rid of germs and plaque that accumulate during the day.


We all know that flossing after brushing our teeth and gums will take a little longer, but remember one thing; even after brushing your teeth at least 40% of the surface of your teeth remains intact. The thread can remove food particles and other harmful substances that cannot be removed by regular brushing. It also allows you to get deep between the teeth that the brush cannot reach or the mouthwash also cannot clean. This way you will get rid of the remaining dirt that is left on your teeth even after brushing your teeth. Therefore, it is recommended to flossing at least once a day.

Limit sugary foods

What happens when you eat sweet food? Bacteria will break down sugars and create acids which leads to the accumulation of acid on the teeth. However, consuming sugary foods will not get you into trouble as long as you do not take proper care of your teeth. Soon after eating any sweet food or any food that can cause dental problems, be sure to clean your mouth with a brush or rinse water to avoid bacteria residues.

Change your toothbrush regularly

Many people forget to replace a toothbrush. You should start using a new toothbrush at least every four months and also after you have been sick. If your toothbrush starts to look worn out, replace it as soon as possible. And an old or worn toothbrush does not clean your teeth effectively and increases the risk of developing dental problems such as caries. Also, try to find a toothbrush that ideally matches the shape of your teeth, and at this point try to avoid problems with damaged gums due to improper and too rough toothbrush.

See a dentist regularly

Experts recommend that people visit the dentist every 6 months for a checkup. The dentist will check for visual signs of tooth decay, gum disease, mouth cancer and other oral health problems. Sometimes they can also use dental x-rays to check for caries.
People can talk to their dentist about how often they need checkups and how often they need to come over. The answer may vary depending on the person’s health history, age, and overall dental health. However, anyone who notices changes in the mouth should visit a dentist.
During a routine dental checkup, the hygienist will clean your teeth and remove plaque and harden tartar.

Achieving healthy teeth requires daily and careful care. Check HERE for more tips.