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Beautiful smile

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One of the most attractive characteristics of a person is a beautiful smile and gleaming teeth. In today’s modern times, we all want to have a white smile that rarely leaves anyone indifferent and that will delight with its tidiness.

For this reason, a special trend has developed in cosmetic dentistry that includes a series of aesthetic procedures aimed at providing straight, pearly white and proportional teeth that ideally match the symmetry of the face and provide a beautiful seductive smile that you will be remembered for.

Although the color of teeth is genetically determined, they naturally take on a darker color over the years, and even if they are bright white, they lose their brightness. In addition, over time, our eating habits and lifestyle can leave an impact on our teeth, so if we do not pay attention to what we take into the body in time, our teeth can be damaged both externally and weaken their strength by vitamin deficiency and minerals.

Coffee, colored drinks, cigarettes, red wine, etc. contribute to our teeth becoming darker and losing their aesthetic appearance.

The basis of a beautiful smile is certainly oral health, which is achieved through regular oral hygiene (brushing teeth and regular check-ups).

However, even the healthiest teeth do not have to be beautifully shaped, and cosmetic dentistry plays a big role in all this.

Whether it’s just whitening or also using ceramic flakes, we can bring your smile to ideal symmetry.

Although beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, cosmetic dentistry uses certain parameters taking into account individual facial features and tooth characteristics to shape the natural look and smile you dream of.

A healthy diet packed with nutrients can go a long way in helping you maintain good oral health. HERE’S some tips for healty food and oral health.


Before any significant aesthetic procedures, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth and gums are healthy, and all damage (caries, bare neck, etc.) is repaired.

The first step to a beautiful smile is to remove plaque (soft and hard) and pigmentation from the tooth surface with professional cleaning, which includes removing tartar and sanding the teeth. If you want to lighten your teeth a few more shades, we recommend teeth whitening, alone or in combination with porcelain veneers.

Increase self-confidence

An ideal smile doesn’t have to be like celebrities. Smile to make the people around you happy. People care more about the reason behind a smile than about how it looks.

Oral hygiene

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, and it is important to brush them before bed. Floss regularly to clean the areas between the teeth where caries most often occurs. Brushing your teeth should not take less than three minutes. To reduce the risk of caries, brush your teeth with fluoride-containing mouthwashes.

Reduce your daily tea and coffee intake

Coffee and some teas such as black tea, which is full of tannins, can stain your teeth. To avoid this, reduce the number of cups of coffee or black tea, and you can replace them with lighter options such as herbal teas.